Hi, there

I’m pretty average. I like a good podcast, audiobook, or Netflix show. I use Pinterest like a search engine for my best life. I take a lot of pictures and my work has been sprinkled in a couple national blogs.

I have two darling children and a seriously great husband. We will be in Evans, Georgia for five years.

Lately, I am really into exercise and woodworking (like building tables and installing shiplap) and dreaming about the perfect living room rug. My favorite candies are Sour Patch Watermelons and my favorite shows are Stranger Things, Great British Baking Show, World of Dance, and Parenthood.

I love photographing children, families, couples, creatives (bloggers, florists, designers, etc.), and an occasional wedding. I love making friends with fellow creators. I am a sucker for good posing, lighting, helping women feel beautiful, and authentic interaction. If that’s your thing than we should talk.