Travel Log | A Day Trip in Seattle

Sure, this trip happened in May and here we are mid-September, but dang it, I am going to post my travel photos.

Seattle was really fun and we barely scratched the surface. Not pictured was delicious cantaloupe ice cream in Bainbridge. That was the highlight of the day for me along with watching my little ones run around in rain jackets on a ferry. I’m all about that life.

We ate and walked and visited the gum wall (why is that such a thing? That alley was packed with camera-holding 20-something year olds and germs. I enthusiastically joined their ranks). We didn’t bring gum, but WAIT! We got home that night and I realized I did have gum all along. Well, shoot, haha.

I also really enjoyed watching Riley interact with a kind fire fighter who gave her badge stickers (Riley LOVES rescue vehicles).

Taking a Break and we Made it to Georgia!

Any content on here whatsoever is long overdue. I just learned tonight that people STILL check out my website even though I slipped through the social media cracks (and secretly believe nobody cares what I have to say). I guess I just came to say hello and set the record straight:

We moved to Georgia! Jeff started residency for Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery (Ear Nose and Throat). We are doing really well! I am a freaking craft master! I had no idea I could be set loose on a new house like I have been.

My babies are growing and being so cute! Riley cut off all of her bangs (tragedy) and she tells me every other day that they will grow back by Christmas. We are looking forward to her very short and thick holiday bangs. We still love her and yes, I took pictures right away. I am not totally sure I will post them because they are downright atrocious and I don’t want to touch that three-year-old’s self confidence (as if she checks my Instagram).

Maxwell is, per usual, the best little boy on God’s green earth. He is so affectionate! He can be found at intervals trailing Riley or me around the house for a kiss (which Riley does not like much). The two squabble like all get out and I am practicing more mindful parenting. I am not perfect, but I do feel acutely more aware of how special they both are and how much Heavenly Father loves them.

Jeff is my true shining star, as always. How could you not love him?! He is a total rockstar and such a hard worker. Sometimes I ponder about how perfect he must be in a crisis since he is smart, efficient, and seriously emotionally stable.

We love our home. I am so grateful for the chance to raise our kids here. I almost don’t want to share it here because I don’t want others in my same situation to feel crummy. The fact is one great thing Georgia offers is superb affordability. Please come visit us! I love hosting and a home full of people.

Georgia really is darling. Our whole city has this slow, sweet pace of life. Nothing ever feels crowded (except maybe our gym). There is a lot of charm packed in here. I loved Temple, Texas more than I could say, but what this place lacks in the specific people I miss dearly it makes up for in more shopping, restaurants, greenery, and charming neighborhoods (and has lots of lovely, new girls I adore).

This all sound a little hyperbole, I am sure. Maybe I am just really glowy about my own life, but I am seriously happy. Maybe it’s the endorphins, maybe it’s playing with my kids more, maybe it’s low expectations or finding my inner strength operating a miter saw for the first time. I would say 100 percent that we are surviving residency so far. We are doing well.


Let's Shellabrate | Riley Turns Three!

Gosh, it feels good to put in the effort for a great party. Riley told me she wanted an ocean party this year (and reindeer and elephants at intervals, haha). I really wanted it to stay classy, young, and light. I am so thrilled with how it turned out!

Riley's favorite parts were the crabs and balloon garland. My favorite parts were the cake by Hello Lovely Shop (Courtney Drennan), the goldfish marshallow sticks, and the clams (thank you to my mother-in-law who laughed so hard while making them). 

Happy birthday, little Riley!