We've got a crawler!

Oh, Maxwell,

You are seven months old! You just cut two teeth in the last two weeks (totaling four already) and tonight you started officially crawling! I cheered so loud and as I did so, thought about how ridiculously excited parents get about milestones. It is just awesome! 

We've got a crawler! Maxwell is the cutest seven-month-old baby.

An Update for You

At seven months old, you are crushing milestones. You seem to really like solid food and aren't too particular about what we give you (maybe favoring carrots, fruit, and puffs--but who wouldn't?). Hopefully, you'll be a varied eater like Riley.

You are so funny and sweet. You want to be held (Riley was cool to be left on her own so this is kind of new to me), but you are still easy going even when you are preferential. I don't mind at all. 

Maxwell is the sweetest seven-month-old I know.

We love you more than I can quantify. I keep replaying in my mind the other night when we were marching around the room singing "Follow the Prophet" for Family Home Evening. You were wearing raccoon footy pajamas and walking holding onto your dad's fingers. You were staring at me and smiling and taking these fast, little steps and my heart burst. I have thought about every day since and I hope I can crystallize it in my brain forever; maybe I can because Riley is so ritualistic and asks to "march, follow the prophet" every night now, haha.

I love being your mother. It is a pure joy watching you interact with your environment. You laugh every time someone is a little too rough with you. You are already so agile and I am nearly certain you are going to be rough and tumble as soon as your body catches up with your motives. 

Anyway, I just love you. I love how reliably you fall asleep in my arms at night (and then stay asleep when I lay you down. Way to go!). I love to breathe in what's left of your baby scent. I love that you smile so readily. I want to always remember that I'm acutely aware that I am living the good old days with you today.