Falco Friday Favorites | Baby Gear

I am so excited to introduce this new installment to the blog: Falco Friday Favorites. It's what it sounds like; each Friday I will share my top favorite items from one category, which will change week to week. This week, for example, is baby gear. Tune back next week for mom photography gear! Tell me what others you would like to see in the comments!

Missing my long hair today. 

Missing my long hair today. 

Let's get started, shall we, but first, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

1. Carseat fan

This battery-operated fan has saved our [very hot] lives in Central Texas. Our backseat doesn't cool down super fast, so this is a necessity in the summertime. Before this cheap purchase I--no joke--had to pull over to the side of the road and pull out my baby to cool her down. Each time I clamp this onto the carseat I get several strangers who say things like, "That is so smart! Where did you get that?" Well, you can get it at Target or Amazon, folks. 

2. White Noise Machine

I cannot say enough good things about white noise machines. I use it every nap and bedtime for both of my kids. I love that I can move around and make more noise while they sleep. White noise machines have also been instrumental with my children's sleep association. Totally awesome!

3. The Nose Frida

I was so weirded out by the Nose Frida with my first child, to be honest. I saw it as a baby shower gag gift. When Max got sick it dawned on me how much more useful it is that a hospital-grade nasal aspirator (the blue bulb). I highly recommend this! It is gentle and effective. By the way, there is a removable filter and it is easy to dissemble and clean. Side bar: did you know bulb aspirators can get filled with mold you might not notice unless you cut it open? Yeah, just buy the Nose Frida. Not sponsered, just glad I have one.

4. Disposable bags

I have these clipped on my diaper bag and they have been so incredibly useful! Blowout on an airplane? Threw up on a road trip? Peed into her rain boots at the family Christmas party? Yeah. Been there, and I used these. They have deodorizing properties and they roll up neatly in a compact dispenser. Just tie the mess away until you have access to your washing machine again. Oy vey. Parenthood.

5. Glow-in-the-dark Pacifiers

I actually didn't discover these until six months ago (and now neither kid uses pacifiers), but it was a game changer. The person who invented these deserves an award. I love that my kids could find their pacifier in the middle of the night. That saves my sleep and sanity and encourages their own independence. Thank you, MAM pacifiers. Bless your souls.


6. Milk Snob Cover

This is such a great cover! I love that I can use it to feed Max and cover his carseat. I still cover him up if I know the sun will be in his face or the lights of traffic will bother him if we are driving home at bedtime. I will be honest, though. It is grossly overpriced. It's like a foot of fabric. In fact, I made one in like 20 minutes for under $7. If you are interested in a tutorial, I would happily oblige. In any case, I do love mine and still use it every time I feed Max in public.

Milk Snob.jpg

7. Aquadoodle pad

I love creative toys sans clean-up. We have a couple water-based activities like this for the kids, but this is a great one. Lately Riley asks us to hang the Aquadoodle over the side of the tub during bath time. I am happy to accommodate! This also makes a great gift.

8. Petunia Pickle bottom diaper Bag

Ah, Petunia. This was my very first purchase when I was found out I was pregnant. I am still using the same bag on my second baby. There are a lot of compartments, a washable changing pad, and the option to wear it on one shoulder or as a backpack. This has been heavily used for almost three years and it is un amazing shape. Tip: opt for a darker color since I hear jeans can leave dark marks on lighter fabrics.


9. Mommy hook

I got this on clearance at Target impulsively and it is wonderful! At one point we lived in an apartment on the third floor. I would load up my stroller with all the groceries, with this hook, then carry Riley in the carseat in the elevator. The cost of one trip, haha! Really this is such a handy contraption. I keep it in the diaper bag or hooked on my stroller to hold my purse or water bottle. 

I really struggled to think of a 10th item I cannot live without. I think that it's good to know I just need a couple things and we can make it work. 

Let me know your ride or die baby products in the comments and if you like what you read please share with your buddies and subscribe! I always reserve my best work for the folks on my mailing list. :) 

Have a great weekend!

Never forget how freaking cute Max was at two weeks old {several heart eyes emojis}.

Never forget how freaking cute Max was at two weeks old {several heart eyes emojis}.