Riley's Room Refresh

Okay, I alluded to this post on Instagram (@clairefalcocreative, join me!) today, but Riley's room got a facelift this week!

This gorgeous toddler room is cohesive with the home. The contemporary farmhouse style comes through with white space and vintage details!

I am dying to overhaul our entire house, but alas, we are moving in May (or thereabouts). I spontaneously decided to refresh this space. I wanted to spend as little money as possible (because let's face it, that giant round modern farmhouse mirror I am coveting could break before it ever sees our new home). That would be a bummer.

All this is to say that I kept this project small, but it still breathed new life into this space!

This was a great reminder to me that you don't have to spend a ton of money to make a big impact! I mostly rummaged around my house and paired together things cast off in nooks and crannies (except Gotta Go, Buffalo, which is very well-loved).


In fact, the only new items in the room are the prints! The photos were printed at Persnickety Prints, which is the only place I trust for my photos. I am a longtime fan and very loyal customer.

The watercolor temple print is from New Addition Designs by Chrissy Taylor! I really love it! I really adore that the temple, something I want to be a focal point in my daughter's life, is now a focal point in her room. I highly recommend you check out Chrissy's work! What better way to celebrate love this Valentine's Day than to give someone a picture of the place that makes love eternal?! 

I think it all feels seamless! Playful and eclectic, but with two feet on the ground. I love that Riley's room is functional, peaceful, childlike, and pretty.  

So that's that! The best little update I could affordably muster to keep my #demoday at bay.

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