Travel Log | A Day Trip in Seattle

Sure, this trip happened in May and here we are mid-September, but dang it, I am going to post my travel photos.

Seattle was really fun and we barely scratched the surface. Not pictured was delicious cantaloupe ice cream in Bainbridge. That was the highlight of the day for me along with watching my little ones run around in rain jackets on a ferry. I’m all about that life.

We ate and walked and visited the gum wall (why is that such a thing? That alley was packed with camera-holding 20-something year olds and germs. I enthusiastically joined their ranks). We didn’t bring gum, but WAIT! We got home that night and I realized I did have gum all along. Well, shoot, haha.

I also really enjoyed watching Riley interact with a kind fire fighter who gave her badge stickers (Riley LOVES rescue vehicles).