Christmas 2018

Christmas this year was the freaking best. We surprised my family by flying to Utah! Get this, my dad covered up his trip to the airport to retrieve us by telling my mother he had to go pick up some elk meat. LOL, why? That is so not my family, but my mom bought and she cried when we walked in the front door unannounced. I kind of can’t imagine doing Christmas away from my family. I am grateful we had at least one last good run during residency.

I loved creating a winter wonderland in our home. It was replete with live garlands, handmade ribbons, up-cycled sweater stockings, a cotton ball garland (haha), a tree star from a Lucky Charms box I repurposed, and twinkle lights. It was magical (still is. Haven’t taken it down yet).

We went to the Georgia Aquarium, which is worth. Every. Penny. We saw Santa Claus three times. Riley and Max wanted bikes and Riley asked for a pink mermaid “with bones inside.” Haha! We went and saw Christmas lights, and enjoyed several holiday parties with friends and family. We baked and I made my first ever gingerbread house completely from scratch with a free template from Tikkado. I legitimately thought it would take only two hours. Nope. It took five days. It’s fine.

My favorite parts of this Christmas were playing games with family (Secret Hitler and Werewolf), quality time with my endlessly busy husband, laughing with my siblings, having a mini Texas friends reunion (I wish I could bring all my Texas girls to Utah), lots of time painting and hand lettering cards, and my kids mistaking a relative for Santa, climbing on his lap, and asking for a bike. XD

Here’s a photo dump for you and a video! Now, I have a new, cool mirrorless camera, and woah, Nellie, I need to put the breaks on the slow motion capabilities. Just…enjoy and don’t judge. I learn things the hard way in photography, ya know?