Our Family Pictures!

Family pictures! Family Pictures! Family Pictures! 

If you follow me on Instagram (@clairefalcocreative, come on over, pal!), you already are well aware that I took our extended family pictures in January because, hello, I am obsessed and I post them a little too frequently. I figured, why not just give them a home here and put them to rest on the internet? I assure you I will try my best. 

First of all, I don't get as heavyhanded with editing my own family. It's like the chef who cooks gourmet food all day then goes home and eats Poptarts because it's just too much, right? Also, because Poptarts are life. I just wanted to throw that out there before you spot a blemish or something because they are there. It's just who we are. 

Further, please stay tuned because I am going to share a huge list of posing tips and later a huge list of tips for taking your own family pictures! If you sign up for my subscription list you will [not be disappointed] be the first person to know about those posts! 

Also, phenomenally special mention to White Space Studio in Bountiful, UT! That is the first step in creating a seamless and beautiful set of photos for your family. Bless you.

I love this little family of mine and my little camera, too.